Congress and which, under the pressure of many comrades would at least be treated brilliantly by Roubakine in a well-attended meeting, a few days later, at the Palace of the Mediterranean.

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Congress and which, under the pressure of many comrades would at least be treated brilliantly by Roubakine in a well-attended meeting, a few days later, at the Palace of the Mediterranean.

There was the Congress a significant proportion of comrades who, in direct contact with them, with the proletarian misery, could not bring themselves to do deal with this scientific indifference hypocritical bourgeois, which was the very theme of the Congress: the Education in dealing with social evolution. Pedagogical Congress St. Paul, has enabled precisely these criticisms to be day to materialize then to affirm in the various meetings of the Congress.

He must have known the chaotic organization of the Nice Convention, the multiplicity of conferences, courses, tours, talks, which were necessary for educators to understand the difficulties we would encounter to take for a whole day of peer groups in Saint Paul. Yet, on 7 August in the morning, special cars brought on the town square near a hundred fellow members or sympathizers including Roger Cousinet Ms.

Gueritte Delaunay, F. Dubois, Lucien Welens, Lebbe, Miss Jadoulle for Belgium, Roubakine for the USSR, Otto Muller Main in Germany (R.Dottrens, Switzerland, who had to leave Nice few days earlier, sent to Congress a telegram of sympathetic encouragement). And at noon a friendly lunch at the extraordinarily lively verire – brought together sixty comrades happy to meet and intimacy in the familiar atmosphere was missing too Nice.

We certainly did not, in this day too short, still largely cut off by an attentive visit to the educational exhibition of Saint Paul, initiate interesting technical discussion that we proposed. We tried to give this pedagogical Congress St. Paul a specific meaning: proletarian educators, with each day of physical misery, intellectual and moral that overwhelms the people, we can not bring ourselves to the purely idealistic education without foundation solid in the same life of children.

Our technical, normalizing largely school activity, has highly contributed to reveal healthy new voice of popular education. We thought then that it was our duty to express the thought of our many comrades of denon¬cer shyness, and sometimes complici¬te, the Nice congress that o¬saient never fully address the real Congress theme.

We reminded, by examples, he¬las! too specific since visi¬leurs were controlling hand how popular school was ac¬cablee materially, administratively and socially by the regime; we said the impotence of theo¬ries and exhortations in front of a fact logically born of capitalism to say finally our hope that a profound social reform, that the advent of socialism in the USSR winner, just make it possible the new education we dream and we prepare. The enthusiastic approval of all educators present assured us that these healthy and vigorous words needed to be said and the result for the day a new atmosphere, because we had externalized the proletarian solid connection between our efforts and motivates our educational activity.

After a long and fascinating visit to the exhibition of St. Paul, the discussion was resumed and, despite our desire to devote to the study of cooperative issues, are the great educational social problems mentioned in the morning that were the object. It was in an atmosphere of perfect cordiality that Roger Cousinet we explained the basics of his method, Fernand Dubois, so often quoted here, we spoke of the Decroly method and answered our critics.

Otto Mueller Hand made everyone understand the need for systematic international action and educational Roubakine finally spoke of education U.R.S.S. fascinating subject that could, alone occupy several days of the Congress and which, under the pressure of many comrades would at least be treated brilliantly by Roubakine in a well-attended meeting, a few days later, at the Palace of the Mediterranean. The time of return approaching; the curious village gradually invaded the vast hall where Roubakine evoked the great problems of the Soviet revival, and the greedy attention of all was like a silent tribute to the revolutionary effort. …..

Despite the limited time we have available for the holding of the Congress of St. Paul, it was all of us a precious comfort. A kind of ideological trend has united a hundred good friends who have felt since the weaknesses and contradictions of the Nice Convention; a kind of “spirit of St Paul’s Congress” has permeated the International Congress and allowed our comrades to return to the consciousness of having done at least in Nice a task of unprecedented educational clarification.

It is in this sense that our meeting in St. Paul was more than a meeting of comrades; it was an act natural conclusion of our past efforts and the strength of our action, but an act that took on the Nice Convention moral influence we have made the mistake of underestimating. … .. The meeting of members and supporters that we had planned for a thorough study of our various achievements took place in Nice on 10 August.

We were able to discuss at length and usefully Bulletin, the calculation file, mobile Chronology of History of France, Working Library. We also defined the practice position is that our group was taken to Congress and we decided to present the following motions that reflected the opposition of revolution-ners comrades.

On behalf of the comrades of our group, we went the next morning with our friend Roger, Miss Flayol present, first, to M.Langevin, president of the Congress, then the motions below. ….. PROPOSALS
GROUP PRINTING SCHOOL ________ The Sixth Congress of New Education After hearing the various speeches and communications reflecting general trends of the new education, noting that Congress was dominated by the problems educators bankruptcy of the current economic system; Convinced that the new education must necessarily be smooth elevation and maximum release of individuals; Whereas the various designs of normal relations between education and social change could only come to light during the discussions that have just finished; Decides to devote the effort of the VII Congress in-depth study of the following questions: 1. “How and by what means, the new education it can be carried out in social settings based on competition, on the operating on the army competition? 2. “How and by what precise means by which methods, in which techniques, the new education it can hasten the coming of a new world in which social organization will meet up with educational needs of the mass children? “*** The teachers and educators participating in the sixth new Education Congress, Venus in Nice to study and see there are exposed all aspects of the new education in dealing with the social, Regret that the Russian experience that could be the most enlightening for understanding the proposed theme, has had no place in both conferences in systemic exposure; Ask the Committee of the League to predict the future all appropriate measures to ensure the Russian pedagogy could just as other national pedagogies, participate in our major international meetings. *** At this time of accen¬tue unemployment, as thousands, millions of children are deeply affected in their life itself, it is impossible to discuss en¬tre education and social evolution without reports consider the unprecedented crisis that destroys partially or fully the efforts of educators. We ask the Congress to mark a tangible way that he can actually lose interest in these serious social considerations and we propose: 1. That any balance remaining of this Congress is paid to international labor organizations to help the son of unemployed of various countries; 2.

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